Welcome to the Lightspeed Summer Fellowship application for 2017!  We are thrilled about your interest in spending the summer as an entrepreneur.  Before proceeding please make sure you understand the strict eligibility rules.  Thank you for your interest in the program. We sincerely appreciate you taking the time to complete the application. 

Eligibility Requirements: 
  1. Teams of 2 to 4 people may submit proposals as a team.  We do not accept teams of one. 
  2. Each team must include at least one person who was a full-time student (graduate or undergraduate in Engineering or Computer Science) in the 2016-2017 academic year.
  3. All team members who receive the Fellowship funds must work in the Menlo Park Office full-time for 10 weeks during the summer.
  4. If ANY of your team members change after the application deadline, you will be required to apply again. 

Thank you again for your interest.  Should you have any questions, please email Angi Psaros at angi@lsvp.com  

NOTE: You will not receive an email confirmation when you submit an application.  We are working on rectifying this.